Crazy people


If I were to write this poem

In a logical format,

My brain would have to program

The reflection of my madness

Into a garbage of nonsense


If craziness was a sickness

The most unusual thing on the planet

Then life would have to be a magnet

Attracting the sweetness out of the

Worthless lives of those who are living careless


Why don’t we just live reckless?

If happiness is set to be rooted down

Our brainless, yet not mindless kinds of mindsets


Crazy people are yet bound to survive

The fearless effects of dullness;

I’m not promoting nonsense

I’m just giving hope to the mad man

Who believes that life is more than just a concept

If you didn’t get that then your street smart

Is on retard and you was born into this world with a

Default called a weak heart